Operation Sonic Boom!

In my novel, “The Great New Deal,” the President announces a recovery plan to address the impact of a cataclysmic event called “The Great Surprise.” That event has nothing to do with any pandemic (though the usual “experts” claim otherwise). The recovery plan is called “Operation Sonic Boom.” Sounds impressive, right? It’s a safe betContinue reading “Operation Sonic Boom!”

Review of the book “Is Atheism Dead?” by Eric Metaxas

This book is very well researched and documented.  The writing style makes it enjoyable reading.  The positive advance reviews contained in the book are well-earned.  My grade for the book: “Excellent start, but incomplete.” The book shows how science and historical/archeological work have inflicted mortal wounds upon the dogma pushed by prominent atheists.  But thisContinue reading “Review of the book “Is Atheism Dead?” by Eric Metaxas”

Supply and Demand (Inflation and Revelation)

Introduction:  You likely have heard about “supply and demand.”  I’ve written a short essay that explores how this term applies to both economic matters (including the impact of inflation) and to something even more important- your eternal destiny.  To read the full essay, follow this link: Supply and Demand Essay The six-page essay explains twoContinue reading “Supply and Demand (Inflation and Revelation)”

Recommended reading- “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Schellenberger

Michael Schellenberger has written an excellent and important book, “Apocalypse Never” (2020).  It’s well-researched and clear (285 pages with 105 pages of reference notes).  It’s fact-based and well-intentioned. Environmental alarmists are pushing for massive expenditures (funded by taxpayers) and a major restructure of our energy sourcing.  These would increase the volatility of our economy andContinue reading “Recommended reading- “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Schellenberger”

Remembering America’s Truth Detector

HONORING AMERICA’S TRUTH DETECTOR AND DOCTOR OF DEMOCRACY Chapter 9 (“The Truth Detector”) and Chapter 10 (“Freedom of Speech”) of The Great New Deal were originally written for my novella, The Brave New Year (published in October 2020), in appreciation of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.  At that time, Rush was still hosting his dailyContinue reading “Remembering America’s Truth Detector”

Take a Look at the Lands Down Under

The Past, Present and Future of Australia and New Zealand The Past:  In some ways, the histories of Australia and New Zealand mirror the history of America.  They were first colonized primarily by the United Kingdom (including exiled prisoners and indentured workers).  All three countries are currently democracies.  They stood up against the fascist socialismContinue reading “Take a Look at the Lands Down Under”

Do you want fries or salad with your elephant?

How do you eat an elephant? (One bite at a time).  That proverb is commonly thought to be of Chinese origin.  Elephants are amazing creatures created by God and they are already endangered thanks to ivory poachers and other bad actors.  So I recommend you do not patronize any restaurant that has elephant on theContinue reading “Do you want fries or salad with your elephant?”

Appropriating the Wisdom of Grandma

My long-departed Grandma got married during the Great Depression and raised two kids during the Second World War and the Korean War. Decades later, she was still living a financially responsible frugal life (e.g., After you use a teabag, wrap it in aluminum foil so you can use it multiple times. Roll your old newspapersContinue reading “Appropriating the Wisdom of Grandma”

The Groom is Coming Soon

The Groom is Coming Soon, to Carry His Bride Home I recently attended a traditional American church wedding.  A beautiful event and loaded with symbols familiar to most American adults (rings, vows, candles and processions).  May this young couple be greatly blessed! It was not at all like the typical Galilean Jewish wedding in theContinue reading “The Groom is Coming Soon”

Life Imitates Art

In August 2020, I wrote this review of the (excellent) book “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite” by Peter Schweitzer: “This book is very timely. It shines a light on the many bad deeds and few scruples of prominent “progressive” political figures. And it is well-researched with lots of documentary citations.Continue reading “Life Imitates Art”