New Video at YouTube:  The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Novels (with limited offer for a free audiobook)

FREE Audiobook offer:  The author has a limited quantity of the new audiobook edition of “Twilight of the Church Age” available for promotional purposes (while supplies last).  If you are interested in a copy, please follow the instructions contained in this video.

YouTube link for this new video:  The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Novels video

The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series of novels dramatizes the End Times events set forth in Bible prophecy.  The novels blend a dramatic story line, humorous parody and sound Bible teaching with the objectives of entertaining and educating readers and to encourage them to trust in Jesus for these perilous times.

This 7 ½ minute video sets forth some key aspects of these Bible prophecies (it focuses on the teaching objective).  For a peek at the dramatic story and humorous parody from the novels, please view other videos at the author’s YouTube channel and the author’s website (

Book one in the series is “Twilight of the Church Age.”  The world is turning away from God.  Some Christians see the end times are drawing near.  Political elites grab for more power and wealth.  None of these people realize that the Tribulation period is much closer than they think.  Who will be taken to heaven in the Great Surprise?  Is there hope for the people who are left behind?

The second book in the series is “The Great New Deal.”  It continues into the brief interlude between the rapture and the tribulation   It’s a second chance for the people who were left behind.  Who will accept this gift?  Who will reject it?  The interlude is a very dangerous time on earth.  This novel uses parody to reveal the social and political threats to America and dramatizes the coming events in Bible prophecy. 

Which side will you choose in this great spiritual war?  This future period may not be as soon as tomorrow, this week or even this month.  Then again, maybe it will be.

The novels are available for purchase from Amazon in audiobook, Kindle, paperback and Large Print hardcover editions and in audiobook editions.  For more information, follow this link:  Shop for books and audiobooks.

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