New video: Progressives in Crisis

Mark Tredecim has produced a new video.  This one is over 15 minutes in length and is titled “Progressives in Crisis.” The video can be viewed at YouTube:   Link to new video This video explores a future period when all three branches of the US government have fallen under the control of progressives.  The SenateContinue reading “New video: Progressives in Crisis”

Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times

I am pleased to announce the publication this week of a new book. Like my novels, it is meant to provide Biblically-sound teaching and commentary about the end times prophecies in the Bible, but this book doesn’t employ a fictional story to dramatize the events. The new book, Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the EndContinue reading “Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times”

Kick the Can- The Coming US Debt Crisis

Mark Tredecim has published a new video at YouTube in connection with the federal government’s growing national debt and deficit spending. The new video is almost 17 minutes long and can be accessed through this handy link to YouTube: Kick the Can For many years, the U.S. federal government has spent more money than itContinue reading “Kick the Can- The Coming US Debt Crisis”

A Nuclear Prologue to the Rapture?

The novels in my “Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress” series are written with the assumption that the rapture of all Christian believers could be tomorrow (as it might), so the fictional story describes a world much like we live in today.  But even if the rapture should be very, very soon, there is something that could makeContinue reading “A Nuclear Prologue to the Rapture?”

Book review: Three Books on Spiritual Warfare (Past, Present and Future)

It’s likely that you’ve noticed the accelerating decline in morality and behavior in recent times.  People doing things that are so foul and evil that it’s hard to believe there isn’t something pushing them along (though human sin nature and the world system are powerful elements in the mix).  You may wonder if evil supernaturalContinue reading “Book review: Three Books on Spiritual Warfare (Past, Present and Future)”

Return of the Gods (my book review)

“Return of the Gods” is a 240-page book from Jonathan Cahn.  He is the author of the two best-seller “Harbinger” books and a well-known speaker about Bible prophecy.  Cahn reminds me of the (fictional) Messianic Rabbi Levi Katz in my “Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress” novel series. The Harbinger books used a fictional narrative to present informationContinue reading “Return of the Gods (my book review)”

Coming Soon (?)  Totally Green Fusion Power!

Big announcements this week from the US Energy Department, a major breakthrough in research on nuclear fusion at a federal research facility.  The Energy Secretary said, “This is what it looks like for America to lead, and we’re just getting started.”  [The taxpayer funded breakthrough] “will go down in the history books.” After thirteen yearsContinue reading “Coming Soon (?)  Totally Green Fusion Power!”

New Video at YouTube:  The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Novels (with limited offer for a free audiobook)

FREE Audiobook offer:  The author has a limited quantity of the new audiobook edition of “Twilight of the Church Age” available for promotional purposes (while supplies last).  If you are interested in a copy, please follow the instructions contained in this video. YouTube link for this new video:  The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Novels video TheContinue reading “New Video at YouTube:  The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Novels (with limited offer for a free audiobook)”

Omnibus Impeachment (Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste)

Trump and the Babylon Bee back on Twitter!  How can Stalinist progressives deal with it?  Desperate times require desperate measures:  Omnibus Impeachment.  But things may not go as they expect- God is still in control.  Enjoy this new 10-minute video from the audiobook edition of the novel, “Twilight of the Church Age.”  YouTube link forContinue reading Omnibus Impeachment (Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste)

A new video: The Great Surprise (The Last Day of the Church Age)

In an instant, all of the world’s Christians will vanish (taken by Jesus to heaven).  This is the Rapture of the church, described in Bible prophecy.  Those left behind refer to it as the “Great Surprise.”  Who will be called by Jesus?  Who will be left behind and is there any hope for them? ToContinue reading “A new video: The Great Surprise (The Last Day of the Church Age)”