The Great New Deal

Book two in the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Series

The Great New Deal:  Bible End Times prophecies are explained and dramatized. This book is timely for today, when so much turmoil and worry is evident. God doesn’t want you to worry about this turmoil. He has planned a way for you to escape the worries of this sinful world and spend eternity with Him. This novel picks up the story where Book one in this series (“Twilight of the Church Age”) ends.

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The Rapture and the days leading into the Tribulation are dramatized in The Great New Deal, set in the near future.  Things are unraveling and bad things are happening everywhere.  The novel depicts people who were not taken to the safety and beauty of Heaven in the Rapture.  It connects a dozen characters around the U.S. into one story line.  The Tribulation will be a very scary and dangerous era, but the book keeps the drama to the “PG-13” level.  It’s profanity-free and is lightened by humor (mostly through parody).

The book’s final chapter is called “Excerpts from Lifeline for the Lost Sheep.” This is a 38-page study resource referred to (and used by) some of the fictional characters in the previous chapters. This chapter provides a clear summary of the Bible prophecies for what’s coming next (and appears to be coming soon):  the Rapture of the church, followed by the seven terrible years of the Tribulation (ending when Jesus returns to Earth and establishes His 1,000-year kingdom).  This final chapter explains the who, what, when, where and why of these events.  It provides “how” answers:  How can I avoid the terrors of the Tribulation and how can I avoid eternal punishment from God?

The novel was written with pre-Rapture readers in mind, but the final chapter is also meant to assist readers who find themselves left behind after the Rapture and who are asking “Now what?  What can I do now?”

Print a bookmark (free). Open or download this PDF document and print it on heavy paper or cardstock (two sided, flip on short side, in color). Each sheet can be cut into three different bookmarks. These feature elements from The Great New Deal and from the Bible.[Get the bookmark]