Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times

Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times is a new book written by Mark Tredecim, published May 2023 in Kindle and Paperback formats.  It is a nonfiction complement to Mark’s end times novels. It is a concise Bible study and commentary regarding the Bible’s end times prophecies and how they are relevant to the people living in our time. Shown below are the book’s cover and table of contents. You can visit the product pages at Amazon (links below) to “look inside.”


What Inspired the Writing of Lifeline?

Lifeline was inspired by a reviewer’s comment regarding the Tredecim end times novel, Twilight of the Church Age.  That book tells of a team of pastors who work to create a resource for the people who will be left behind after the Rapture.  The reviewer said, “I hope this aspect [creation of the resource] is something that is happening in the real world, as it is very needed given where we seem to be on the timeline.”  Mark Tredecim took her words to heart and wrote Lifeline.

People are anxious about the state of the world.  The pandemic, social unrest and rioting, wars, the economy and growing crime deserve a lot of the blame.  Hyper-politization, climate alarmism, and crumbling morality are big reasons, too.  Many people see connections to end times prophecies in the Bible.  They want to be prepared for the events that may come soon.  Even more people are oblivious to what the Bible says.  The end times events will catch them completely by surprise. 

Description of the Book

Lifeline provides a concise, reader-friendly and Biblically-sound overview of the Bible end times prophecies that seem likely to be fulfilled quite soon.  We can’t predict when, but we can see the signs.  It could be as soon as today.

Lifeline does not cover every aspect of the end times prophesies in the Bible.  Many books on this subject have been written by many scholars over the years.  Some things will be mysteries for us until God reveals them.  Other details are interesting but not essential for the reader.  Lifeline focuses on what everyone should know to survive the end times.

Lifeline explains God’s plan to eliminate sin from the world.  It outlines the key events of the end times, like the Rapture, Tribulation, the second coming of Jesus, and the battle of Armageddon.  It explains why God has withheld this judgment thus far and why it appears the Day of the Lord is now very near.  Most importantly, this book is to help readers understand the only path for surviving the end times and the urgency of following that path now.  The “Additional Resources” section suggests resources for readers who want to dig deeper into the study of the end times.

Lifeline is available for purchase in two formats (links to Amazon):

Kindle- ASIN B0C57BKZ6T and Paperback- ASIN BOC5G64C7D

Mark Tredecim: “I have priced Lifeline to be affordable, so that more people will be able to read this guide for surviving the end times.  I hope that you find it beneficial and enjoyable reading, and that you share your copy with someone close to you.”