Mark C. Tredecim is an American author. Mark’s earliest significant work won a national award and was sealed in a time capsule for 100 years. Subsequently, he was the co-author for numerous business guides and financial reports and has assisted other authors with their writing.

Mark is an avid reader of history, politics, biographies and Christian studies (particularly in the study of Biblical End Times prophecies). His writing focuses in these areas. Mark also enjoys good science fiction (when he can find it) and novels in the thriller/detective genre.

He doesn’t write for profit or for personal glory. (He’s donating his profits to a Christian relief organization). Mark writes for the joy of writing and because he wants to entertain and educate. Also, he wants everyone to hear the good news of Jesus, before it’s too late for them.

Mark’s words of wisdom- “The events in Revelation may be closer than they seem in your mental mirror.”

Novels From Mark Tredecim:

The Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Series: 

This series of novels depicts modern pilgrims who see the growing perils and evil around them and pursue something far better.  They look for a life of peace, joy and security and learn this can only come from God.  The story runs from the last months of the Church Age to the threshold of the Tribulation.  The story fits into the Bible End Times event timeline as shown in this chart:

Book 1:  Twilight of the Church Age (published in 2022)

Book 2:  The Great New Deal (published in 2021)

The novels employ parody and humor to expose dark political and cultural forces that currently threaten America and the whole world.  They blend a dramatic story line, humorous parody and sound Bible teaching.  The objective is to entertain and educate readers while encouraging them to trust in Jesus for these perilous times.

This future period may not be as soon as tomorrow, this week or even this month.  Then again, maybe it will be.  The series connects the events of today to End Times prophecy in the Bible.  Which side will you choose in this great spiritual war?

The Tribulation Pilgrim’s Progress Series is a dramatization of future events described in Bible prophecy.  When art is based on Bible prophecy, life will imitate art.  As it says in Mark 13:33, “….be on guard!  Stay alert!”

Twilight of the Church Age:   This novel introduces the cast:  Everyday folks doing the best they can to provide for those they love.  Pastors and scholars who see that the world is increasingly turning away from God and want to do something about it.  Political elites who seek more power and wealth.  None of these people realize that the End Times events found in the Bible are closer than they think.  The book culminates in the end of the Church Age at the Rapture of believers, which the people left behind call “the Great Surprise.”

Who will be taken to heaven in the Great Surprise?  Is there hope for the people who are left behind?  For more information on this novel, follow this link:  [More about Twilight of the Church Age]

The Great New Deal:  This second novel in the series tells “what happened next” for the characters left behind by the Great Surprise.  Some try to figure out what happened and how they should deal with it.  Others try to hide the truth; they take advantage of the chaos that resulted from the removal of all Christians (and the Holy Spirit) from the earth.  This brief period before the Tribulation is a difficult and dangerous time. Pilgrims in this novel make use of a resource developed by a project team before the Great Surprise, as described in Twilight of the Church Age.  For more information, follow this link:  [More about The Great New Deal]

Other works by Mark C. Tredecim: 

Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times is a nonfiction complement to Mark’s end times novels. It is a concise Bible study and commentary regarding the Bible’s end times prophecies and how they are relevant to the people living in our time. Lifeline provides a concise, reader-friendly and Biblically-sound overview of the Bible end times prophecies that seem likely to be fulfilled quite soon.  We can’t predict when, but we can see the signs.  It could be as soon as today. [More about Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times]

Epilogue for Project Hail Mary:  This 20-page essay reviews the excellent novel written by Andy Weir, “Project Hail Mary.”  Through a short story, it explores two questions: “What happened next?” and “Is there intelligent life on other planets?”  This work is not offered for sale.  It is available free in print and audio versions.  A free illustrated audiobook version is available in video format (“The Deluxe Interstellar Edition”).  For more information, follow this link:  [More about Epilogue for Project Hail Mary].

Brave New Year:  Some themes from this 2020 novella were adapted and incorporated into “The Great New Deal.”  The novella is no longer available.

Be on guard. Stay alert!

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