Epilogue for Project Hail Mary:  “In the 50th year of the Millennial Kingdom, a faint radio signal reached Earth.  It originated from a special transmitting platform situated outside the heliosphere of the 40 Eridani triple star system.  The signal was highly focused and greatly amplified.  It had been aimed at the anticipated future position of the Earth, considering the signal’s travel time from the platform to Earth.” 

Those are the opening words from my short story “Epilogue for Project Hail Mary.” It is provided for your personal enjoyment and edification, entirely without charge, within a 20-page essay that also provides a review of the excellent science fiction novel by Andy Weir, “Project Hail Mary.”

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The Deluxe Interstellar Edition of “Epilogue for Project Hail Mary” is a video adaptation of the essay. David de Berg has done an excellent narration of the essay (complemented with the illustrations done by the author). It is available at YouTube on the Mark Tredecim YouTube channel. The video has a length of 38:58.

The great hymn “How Great Thou Art” by Stuart K. Hine has a key role in the short story. The video also features a beautiful performance of this hymn on guitar and harmonica by Patrice Parker. Convenient link to The Deluxe Interstellar Edition of “Epilogue for Project Hail Mary” at YouTube:   Video

Book review and spoiler alert.  Good science fiction is so hard to find, especially for Christian readers. Too many science fiction books have premises that flatly contradict Biblical truth or have repulsive content.

I was very happy to see that the best-selling author Andy Weir has written another excellent book, “Project Hail Mary (a novel),” following the successful formula of his prior work, “The Martian”- smart hero faces overwhelming odds, armed with math and science. Other interesting characters, good dialog, and some humor complement the exciting but credible plot.

“Epilogue for Project Hail Mary” is meant to be enjoyed after you read Andy Weir’s great novel (which is available in various print and digital formats). The short story contains possible spoilers and will make more sense if you have read the novel. I encourage you to buy, beg or borrow a copy of “Project Hail Mary;” its commercial success and high reader ratings are well deserved.

Summary of the short story and video production: After you finish reading the novel “Project Hail Mary” you may wonder, “what happened next?”  If you’ve studied the End Times prophecies in the Bible, you may have noticed that certain events in this novel seem like something from those prophesies.

“Is there intelligent life on other planets?”  That’s a topic of polite conversation among Christians and debate within the scientific community.  No man living on Earth knows the answer to this question.  My short story explores both of these questions. 

Mark C. Tredecim

The essay and the video production are provided for your personal use, entirely without charge.  They are copyrighted works and may not be reproduced in any form or be distributed without the prior written permission of the author.  They are not offered for sale and may not be resold by any party.

The short story is a work of fiction.  All of the characters, organizations, places, and events portrayed in this tale are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.