Coming Soon:  The One Day War

In the Bible book of Ezekiel (chapters 38 and 39), the prophet describes an upcoming one-day war.  Iran, Turkey and Russia team up with some lesser nations to attack Israel.   God intervenes in this war, fully protecting Israel and bringing total destruction upon the powerful attacking forces.  The speed, nature and extent of Israel’s victoryContinue reading Coming Soon:  The One Day War

Twilight of the Church Age (new novel published by Mark Tredecim )

Book one in the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Series (and prequel to The Great New Deal) Two thousand years ago, the Church Age began at Pentecost, following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  As we observe the events of today and notice the growing similarities to the End Times described in Bible prophecy, we canContinue reading “Twilight of the Church Age (new novel published by Mark Tredecim )”

Sonic Boom (an entertaining new video drawn from The Great New Deal)

Sonic Boom (Life imitates Art and Parody becomes Reality) This new video (available at YouTube, see the link below) presents scenes from the audiobook edition of the novel The Great New Deal.  Images have been added for dramatic effect in this 8-minute video. This portion of the novel was written in 2020 as parody andContinue reading “Sonic Boom (an entertaining new video drawn from The Great New Deal)”

The Groom is Coming Soon

The Groom is Coming Soon, to Carry His Bride Home I recently attended a traditional American church wedding.  A beautiful event and loaded with symbols familiar to most American adults (rings, vows, candles and processions).  May this young couple be greatly blessed! It was not at all like the typical Galilean Jewish wedding in theContinue reading “The Groom is Coming Soon”