New Video at YouTube:  “Saturday Night with the Stars (CCCP-TV)”

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new video at YouTube.  This video runs for nearly 15 minutes.  It highlights about twelve minutes from the audiobook edition of the novel “The Great New Deal,” adding illustrations by the author and excerpts of great music for dramatic effect. To watch this new video, follow thisContinue reading New Video at YouTube:  “Saturday Night with the Stars (CCCP-TV)”

Earth first!  We’ll mine the other planets later.

Just about the time that Tesla was getting started, Pixar (Disney) released an excellent animated movie called “WALL-E.”  It’s a movie for kids that adults can enjoy, too.  This was back in 2008, when you didn’t need to have your finger on the fast-forward button to protect the kids from unsuitable content in a DisneyContinue reading “Earth first!  We’ll mine the other planets later.”

Fear No Brownout!

Are you concerned about the faltering electric power grid?  Do announcements of planned and unplanned brownouts and blackouts terrify you?  Afraid of being trapped somewhere, powerless to reach your destination?  Are you worried and bewildered by the prospect of skyrocketing demand for electricity due to mandates allowing only electric vehicles?  We have the solution toContinue reading Fear No Brownout!

Coming Soon:  The One Day War

In the Bible book of Ezekiel (chapters 38 and 39), the prophet describes an upcoming one-day war.  Iran, Turkey and Russia team up with some lesser nations to attack Israel.   God intervenes in this war, fully protecting Israel and bringing total destruction upon the powerful attacking forces.  The speed, nature and extent of Israel’s victoryContinue reading Coming Soon:  The One Day War

Hardcover editions in Larger Pint

Are you looking for something to enhance your bookcase backdrop for the next time you are interviewed on a major cable news show? Stand out from the crowd and give prominent shelf positions to the hardcover editions of the novels from the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series. These combine the practicality of a durable hardcover andContinue reading “Hardcover editions in Larger Pint”

Through the Eye of a Needle

A review of the book “Red-Handed” by Peter Schweizer How much wealth is enough and what are you willing to do to get more of it?  At what point will greed or blackmail (actual or the fear of it) enslave you and put you on the path to hell?  In chapter 19 of the GospelContinue reading Through the Eye of a Needle

New: Hardcover LP Edition

I am pleased to announce that the hardcover edition of “Twilight of the Church Age” has been published. It features 16-point font printing for readers who prefer/need a larger font. We bumped the size from 6×9 (paperback format) to a very manageable 7×10 inch size and kept it at 279 pages (just like the paperback).Continue reading “New: Hardcover LP Edition”

Book Review: Jesus and the End Times, by Ron Rhodes

Jesus and the End Times (“What He Said and What the Future Holds”) by Dr. Ron Rhodes. I’ve read a lot of Bible prophecy texts and heard a lot of good preaching on the subject. This 2019 book by Dr. Ron Rhodes is a great one-volume distillation of these. It’s easy to follow, clear andContinue reading “Book Review: Jesus and the End Times, by Ron Rhodes”

Improved Formatting for Kindle Editions

Both “Twilight of the Church Age” and “The Great New Deal” are available in various formats, including the Kindle ebook format. Recently, the Kindle versions of both novels were reformatted for the benefit of Kindle readers. First, some page breaks were cleaned up to minimize the amound of “blank space” in the Kindle versions. AsContinue reading “Improved Formatting for Kindle Editions”

Twilight of the Church Age (new novel published by Mark Tredecim )

Book one in the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Series (and prequel to The Great New Deal) Two thousand years ago, the Church Age began at Pentecost, following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  As we observe the events of today and notice the growing similarities to the End Times described in Bible prophecy, we canContinue reading “Twilight of the Church Age (new novel published by Mark Tredecim )”