Laptop from Hell (a book review)

“Laptop from Hell” is a 207-page book from Miranda Devine, a genuine investigative reporter.  I am providing this book review so that you are forewarned- this fact-based book may trigger your gag reflex or your righteous anger. It presents information taken from the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop.  The book collates and connects the information fromContinue reading “Laptop from Hell (a book review)”

Special video preview:  “Far from Shangri-La.”

I greatly enjoyed working with David de Berg to create the audio version of The Great New Deal (released in December 2021).  Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy a book, especially while you are “on the go.”  To introduce more people to this audiobook, I’ve created a 10-minute YouTube video from one of theContinue reading “Special video preview:  “Far from Shangri-La.””

Appropriating the Wisdom of Grandma

My long-departed Grandma got married during the Great Depression and raised two kids during the Second World War and the Korean War. Decades later, she was still living a financially responsible frugal life (e.g., After you use a teabag, wrap it in aluminum foil so you can use it multiple times. Roll your old newspapersContinue reading “Appropriating the Wisdom of Grandma”