Laptop from Hell (a book review)

“Laptop from Hell” is a 207-page book from Miranda Devine, a genuine investigative reporter.  I am providing this book review so that you are forewarned- this fact-based book may trigger your gag reflex or your righteous anger.

It presents information taken from the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop.  The book collates and connects the information from the many emails, messages and documents contained in the laptop.  It adds information from other sources to provide corroboration and context.

This is the information you should have seen before the 2020 election, when this scandal was revealed by the New York Post newspaper.  Some of this information is now being exposed more widely into public view.  But the laptop contents were blocked from public view before the 2020 election in a massive cover-up engineered by the hydra of big tech, big media, big finance and big government.  Later chapters in the book describe the cover-up.

The book documents the smarmy, dissolute life of Hunter Biden, spending many thousands of dollars daily on drugs, hookers and luxury hotels.  It tells of the destruction he has wreaked upon his wives, children and girlfriends.  It documents his shady dealings with bad actors and tyrannical regimes from Russia, Red China, Ukraine and elsewhere.  Hunter needs big money to support his lifestyle but has no marketable skills.  Instead, he has the “Biden family business” to support him- influence peddling (as described in the book).

All of this is made possible, even promoted, by his father and his father’s government position.  The book makes a strong case that his father (President Joe Biden) was involved in some of these ventures and in string-pulling, despite Joe’s repeated denials.  This raises numerous questions.  E.G., does President Biden have conflicts of interests that endanger American national interests?  Has he financially benefitted from these dealings?  Is he vulnerable to blackmail from foes of America?  Could this explain some of his questionable actions while serving as vice-president or president?

“Laptop from Hell” demonstrates what a truly independent investigative reporter can (should) accomplish- expose corruption to public view.  Kudos to Ms. Devine and to the New York Post!  Unfortunately, such real reporting is rare and the hydra seems to keep growing.  Another excellent work of investigative reporting is the book “Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schweizer.  Read that book for more disclosures regarding the “Biden family business.”

Two quibbles with “Laptop from Hell:”

1.  There are lots of entities involved in the Biden business dealings.  Their ownership, structures and relationships are elusive and shifty, interwoven in complicated ways.  The book would benefit from charts laying all this out.  Hopefully, forensic auditors and criminal investigators are doing that now.  Reportedly some federal investigation is underway, but will it again be swept under the carpet?

2.  The title “Laptop from Hell” is colorful but backwards.  Evil does not come from Hell (it’s not a point of origin).  Hell is a destination for evil and for unrepentant evil-doers (it’s a one-way trip and no laptops are available there). 

“Laptop from Hell” is worthwhile reading for American citizens who care about their country.  But be warned that the world of the Bidens is a disgusting place. Drug addiction and dementia are not acceptable excuses for such betrayals of the American people.

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