The Deluxe Interstellar Edition is Now Available for Your Enjoyment

Thanks for your patience! I am pleased to announce that The Deluxe Interstellar Edition of “Epilogue for Project Hail Mary” is now available at YouTube on the Mark Tredecim channel. Follow this convenient link to enjoy this video production: YouTube Video

“In the 50th year of the Millennial Kingdom, a faint radio signal reached Earth.  It originated from a special transmitting platform situated outside the heliosphere of the 40 Eridani triple star system.  The signal was highly focused and greatly amplified.  It had been aimed at the anticipated future position of the Earth, considering the signal’s travel time from the platform to Earth.”

Those are the opening words from my short story “Epilogue for Project Hail Mary.”  The short story accompanies my review of the excellent science fiction novel by Andy Weir, “Project Hail Mary” (the total essay comprises 20 pages).

The 39-minute video adaptation of the essay (the book review and the short story) is available free at my YouTube channel.  It was narrated by David de Berg (who also did the excellent narration for the audiobook edition of my novel “The Great New Deal”).  The video includes illustrations by the author.

The great hymn “How Great Thou Art” was written and composed by Stuart K. Hine.  The hymn has a key role within the short story.  The video also features a fine performance of this hymn on guitar and harmonica by Patrice Parker.

You also can enjoy the “Epilogue for Project Hail Mary” essay in printed and audio (mp3) versions and as a Kindle Vella short story. All of these are available free. Visit the Epilogue page in my website for more information: Epilogue webpage

I hope you enjoy this essay! But remember to read the novel by Andy Weir first.

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