Free Videos from Mark Tredecim- for your enjoyment and edification

It’s good to keep the gray cells exercised by learning something new.  It’s also gratifying when that mental exercise results in a work product that others find interesting, entertaining and beneficial.

That’s been my experience in the past year, thanks to my novel The Great New Deal.  Though I’ve done a lot of non-fiction writing in my business career, it was a new challenge to create a novel.  Especially a novel combining an entertaining fictional narrative, honest political commentary, and Bible-based teaching.  Then came the experience of publishing and marketing the book.  This was followed by the production and marketing of an audiobook edition.  Lots of learning and I’ve made some new friends in the process (people living far away, that I likely won’t meet in person this side of heaven).

My newest venture- creating short videos for internet distribution (currently through YouTube).  My focus continues to be the “Three E’s” of entertain, educate and evangelize.  I’m not monetizing (making money) from these videos and I don’t endorse any products offered in the commercial videos that you might see online.  But I do hope that my videos will introduce new readers/buyers to my writings (Kindle, printed books and audiobooks).

Thus far, I’ve produced three short videos, all available free at YouTube:

“Prologue to The Great New Deal”  — Dramatizes the Prologue and Foreword from the audiobook edition of the novel.

“Far from Shangri-La” — Dramatizes a slightly-abridged chapter 20 from the audiobook edition of The Great New Deal.

“Jesus Loves All the Children in the World” — A simple but profound truth, adapting the popular classic song “Jesus Loves the Little Children” by C.H Woolston and G.F. Root.

I hope you will enjoy these videos.  If so, please give them a “like” at YouTube and share them with friends.  If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, future videos will be available at your fingertips.

You can access my channel at YouTube by entering “Mark Tredecim” in the YouTube search box or by following the convenient link provided below.

Mark Tredecim – YouTube

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