Appropriating the Wisdom of Grandma

My long-departed Grandma got married during the Great Depression and raised two kids during the Second World War and the Korean War. Decades later, she was still living a financially responsible frugal life (e.g., After you use a teabag, wrap it in aluminum foil so you can use it multiple times. Roll your old newspapers tightly, soak them in some secret formula, and use them as fireplace logs). When she’d hear about some contemporary problem, a favorite comment was “nothing wrong with this generation that another Depression wouldn’t fix.”

As I review the news of today, the poor quality of our national, state and local leadership, and the failure of our business and church communities to positively address this situation, I have an update to her comment: “There is nothing wrong with this world that the Day of the Lord won’t fix.” Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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