Special video preview:  “Far from Shangri-La.”

I greatly enjoyed working with David de Berg to create the audio version of The Great New Deal (released in December 2021).  Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy a book, especially while you are “on the go.”  To introduce more people to this audiobook, I’ve created a 10-minute YouTube video from one of the chapters in the audiobook.  It’s titled “Far from Shangri-La.”  For additional dramatic effect (and to accentuate the parody), this has been enhanced with illustrations.

As I created this video, I was reminded of how life can imitate art.  So many things that I wrote (in late 2020 and very early 2021) in The Great New Deal as fictional parody have become reality in the past thirteen months, or seem to be looming on the near horizon.

You can find this video under the “Mark Tredecim” channel at YouTube.  A helpful link is provided below.

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