Book Review:  Church of Cowards (by Matt Walsh, 2020)

Book Review:  Church of Cowards (by Matt Walsh, 2020) Matt Walsh is an outspoken defender of the Christian faith and traditional values.  His 2020 book “Church of Cowards” looks at many of problems inside Western Christianity (using the word “Christian” in the very broadest way).  His focus is especially on U.S. Christians, but the sameContinue reading “Book Review:  Church of Cowards (by Matt Walsh, 2020)”

Book Review:  The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress

“The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress” is a great Christian allegory, in the tradition of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Pilgrim’s Progress. This is a very entertaining and worthwhile read.  It has a meaningful message that is delivered through a dramatic story, sparkling with mirth.  The title correctly suggests that it’s related to the most-loved andContinue reading “Book Review:  The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress”

What is Truth?

“What is truth?”  Those infamous words came from the mouth of Pilate (the Roman governor), captured in the Gospel of John.  Though Pilate’s ears had heard the truth, his mind and soul wouldn’t accept it.  He feared the mobs and Caesar rather than God, so he assigned Jesus over for flogging, cruel abuse and deathContinue reading “What is Truth?”

Sonic Boom (an entertaining new video drawn from The Great New Deal)

Sonic Boom (Life imitates Art and Parody becomes Reality) This new video (available at YouTube, see the link below) presents scenes from the audiobook edition of the novel The Great New Deal.  Images have been added for dramatic effect in this 8-minute video. This portion of the novel was written in 2020 as parody andContinue reading “Sonic Boom (an entertaining new video drawn from The Great New Deal)”

It’s A Puzzlement:  Parody or History?

Is it Science Fiction or is it Historical Fiction? When you create a book or other media, you are asked to choose the category and sub-categories in which your work should be listed (e.g., for purposes of marketing and library catalogues).  Typically, you must choose from a listing of available categories.  And sometimes those providedContinue reading “It’s A Puzzlement:  Parody or History?”

Laptop from Hell (a book review)

“Laptop from Hell” is a 207-page book from Miranda Devine, a genuine investigative reporter.  I am providing this book review so that you are forewarned- this fact-based book may trigger your gag reflex or your righteous anger. It presents information taken from the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop.  The book collates and connects the information fromContinue reading “Laptop from Hell (a book review)”

The Deluxe Interstellar Edition is Now Available for Your Enjoyment

Thanks for your patience! I am pleased to announce that The Deluxe Interstellar Edition of “Epilogue for Project Hail Mary” is now available at YouTube on the Mark Tredecim channel. Follow this convenient link to enjoy this video production: YouTube Video “In the 50th year of the Millennial Kingdom, a faint radio signal reached Earth. Continue reading “The Deluxe Interstellar Edition is Now Available for Your Enjoyment”

Free Videos from Mark Tredecim- for your enjoyment and edification

It’s good to keep the gray cells exercised by learning something new.  It’s also gratifying when that mental exercise results in a work product that others find interesting, entertaining and beneficial. That’s been my experience in the past year, thanks to my novel The Great New Deal.  Though I’ve done a lot of non-fiction writingContinue reading “Free Videos from Mark Tredecim- for your enjoyment and edification”

Video dramatizes the Prologue of “The Great New Deal”

This week I have published a new video called “Prologue to The Great New Deal,” using the audiobook version of the Prologue and Foreword from The Great New Deal and adding dramatic images.  I hope that you will enjoy it and that it will lead you to read or re-read the printed and audiobook editionsContinue reading “Video dramatizes the Prologue of “The Great New Deal””

Special video preview:  “Far from Shangri-La.”

I greatly enjoyed working with David de Berg to create the audio version of The Great New Deal (released in December 2021).  Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy a book, especially while you are “on the go.”  To introduce more people to this audiobook, I’ve created a 10-minute YouTube video from one of theContinue reading “Special video preview:  “Far from Shangri-La.””