New video: Progressives in Crisis

Mark Tredecim has produced a new video.  This one is over 15 minutes in length and is titled “Progressives in Crisis.”

The video can be viewed at YouTube:   Link to new video

This video explores a future period when all three branches of the US government have fallen under the control of progressives.  The Senate and House of Representatives have been combined into the United Congress.  This follows the rapture of all Christians around the world, in which many millions of people have vanished in the “twinkling of an eye.”

The loss of key people and the resulting chaos have disrupted all key aspects of modern life.  Crime rates are skyrocketing, but there are fewer police to deal with it.  Foreign adversaries are growing more aggressive toward the United States.  Public health is deteriorating and there are acute shortages of food and energy.

Government tax revenues are plummeting even as the calls for more spending grow in number and urgency.  Economists worry about the risk of another great depression and the risk of hyperinflation.  The United Congress cannot balance the federal budget.  Lenders fear a federal debt default and won’t loan more money to the federal government.

How can the United Congress solve this Existential Crisis?

This video dramatizes a segment from the audiobook edition of the novel “The Great New Deal,” by Mark Tredecim.  It is a companion to another video available at YouTube, “Kick the Can- The Coming US Debt Crisis:”  Link to Kick the Can (the two videos can be viewed in any order).

This short excerpt blends a dramatic story, humorous parody and sound teaching about the end times prophecies found in the Bible.  The story is fictional, but the risks to America from progressive policies are real.

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