Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times

I am pleased to announce the publication this week of a new book. Like my novels, it is meant to provide Biblically-sound teaching and commentary about the end times prophecies in the Bible, but this book doesn’t employ a fictional story to dramatize the events.

The new book, Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times,  was inspired by a reviewer’s comment about my novel, Twilight of the Church Age.  That book tells of a team of pastors who work to create a resource for the people who will be left behind after the Rapture.  The reviewer said, “I hope this aspect [creation of the resource] is something that is happening in the real world, as it is very needed given where we seem to be on the timeline.”  I took her words to heart and wrote Lifeline.

Lifeline is a nonfiction complement to my end times novels. It provides a concise, reader-friendly and Biblically-sound overview of the Bible end times prophecies that seem likely to be fulfilled quite soon.  Lifeline focuses on what everyone should know to survive the end times.  Lifeline is available for purchase in two formats (links to Amazon): Kindle- ASIN B0C57BKZ6T and Paperback- ASIN BOC5G64C7D

 [More about Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times]

One thought on “Lifeline, A Guide to Surviving the End Times

  1. Hi Kris, You have been busy! We’re looking forward to reading your new book. A lot of our conversations revolve around the unbelievers in our family. Plus, we have always been interested in end-times documentaries and your two fiction books, of course. 🙂 Currently we are listening to an evangelist/teacher we discovered on YouTube named John Barnett who founded Discover the Book Ministries. He has posted over 7000 videos of the teachings he has done all over the world. We started one of his playlists on Isaiah which consists of 15 videos. We haven’t discovered any doctrine that doesn’t agree with our beliefs. He does touch on other groups that don’t interpret the Bible correctly (Jehovah Witnesses, Catholics, etc.) with great explanations. We can really recognize false prophets now when we see them. We are in Oregon now. Our step daughter Chloe was to get married this week at the ocean but plans got changed. She was starting to break down mentally last month, I think because of the stress of planning a simple wedding and her business wasn’t thriving. She farmed her kids off to her mother and then her fiancé had to talk her into going to the mental hospital in Eugene. She got out last Sunday, stopped at her house then came over to our house (we had some company over for Mother’s Day). She asked Carl to be ordained and to officiate their wedding ceremony. Carl is officially a minister now! Chloe is marrying a man from Kenya who has been in the states for 15 years. He has never been married and has no children. He goes to her church. Anyway, they wanted Carl to sign the license and they were going to postpone the ceremony. Carl didn’t want to just sign the paper and send them on their merry way so he talked to them and they decided to have the ceremony then and there. Carl had his rough draft for the ceremony, we had a beautiful day and we had witnesses, including God. So it is official. Now Chloe is dealing with family that wasn’t there, so there will be another ceremony in the US. She is required to have a ceremony in Kenya for inheritance purposes so they are planning that one too. It is all too much for her, which no one seems to understand. She is at home but still doesn’t feel ready to have her kids back. She and Alex are technically honeymooning at the ocean this weekend via plans that were already set up. Lots of prayers needed for them. We hope you all are doing okay. Say hi to everyone for us. We still miss Grace and haven’t found another like it:( Take care!


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