A Nuclear Prologue to the Rapture?

The novels in my “Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress” series are written with the assumption that the rapture of all Christian believers could be tomorrow (as it might), so the fictional story describes a world much like we live in today.  But even if the rapture should be very, very soon, there is something that could makeContinue reading “A Nuclear Prologue to the Rapture?”

Coming Soon:  The One Day War

In the Bible book of Ezekiel (chapters 38 and 39), the prophet describes an upcoming one-day war.  Iran, Turkey and Russia team up with some lesser nations to attack Israel.   God intervenes in this war, fully protecting Israel and bringing total destruction upon the powerful attacking forces.  The speed, nature and extent of Israel’s victoryContinue reading Coming Soon:  The One Day War

Video dramatizes the Prologue of “The Great New Deal”

This week I have published a new video called “Prologue to The Great New Deal,” using the audiobook version of the Prologue and Foreword from The Great New Deal and adding dramatic images.  I hope that you will enjoy it and that it will lead you to read or re-read the printed and audiobook editionsContinue reading “Video dramatizes the Prologue of “The Great New Deal””