Book review: Three Books on Spiritual Warfare (Past, Present and Future)

It’s likely that you’ve noticed the accelerating decline in morality and behavior in recent times.  People doing things that are so foul and evil that it’s hard to believe there isn’t something pushing them along (though human sin nature and the world system are powerful elements in the mix).  You may wonder if evil supernaturalContinue reading “Book review: Three Books on Spiritual Warfare (Past, Present and Future)”

Return of the Gods (my book review)

“Return of the Gods” is a 240-page book from Jonathan Cahn.  He is the author of the two best-seller “Harbinger” books and a well-known speaker about Bible prophecy.  Cahn reminds me of the (fictional) Messianic Rabbi Levi Katz in my “Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress” novel series. The Harbinger books used a fictional narrative to present informationContinue reading “Return of the Gods (my book review)”