Earth first!  We’ll mine the other planets later.

Just about the time that Tesla was getting started, Pixar (Disney) released an excellent animated movie called “WALL-E.”  It’s a movie for kids that adults can enjoy, too.  This was back in 2008, when you didn’t need to have your finger on the fast-forward button to protect the kids from unsuitable content in a Disney movie.  If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it.

The movie is set hundreds of years in the future.  WALL-E is a cute and diligent maintenance/salvage robot, doing the best he can to fulfill his mission.  Ultimately, his mission grows bigger and he helps save the day.  During the movie, we learn that this fictional earth became environmentally unsound, with mountains of consumer waste everywhere.  Humanity departed from the earth on interstellar cruise liners.  The passengers are overserved, overfed and underworked, with everything done for them by robots.

WALL-E depicts the despoiling of the earth by people.  Easy to imagine that (take a trip into the street camping world of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle).  Gross and dangerous!  The movie doesn’t dig into how first-world lifestyles might have impacted the poorer countries of the world.  Or explain how they created and stocked sufficient spaceships to transport 8+ billion people to safety.

If we were to pull back the curtain in WALL-E’s world, we’d probably learn the poorer countries were decimated by the policies of the pampered elites in Europe and North America.  The poor countries were mined for minerals (like cobalt, copper, lithium, nickel and rare earth elements) without regard for their people or environments.  These were processed by coal-powered factories in China into batteries and components for electric cars and for unreliable solar and wind power gear.  When those batteries and devices failed, the hazardous remains were sent to poor countries for salvage and disposal.  Meanwhile, these poor countries were denied many benefits of this age:  man-made fertilizer, pesticides, engineered seeds, internal combustion engines and reliable electricity.  All in the ego-feeding cause of “saving the planet.”

When it came time to leave this fictional disaster, there was plenty of room on those luxurious space liners for the “Great Reset” elites of “WALL-E world.”  But most of the 8+ billion people were probably left behind, in a hostile environment unsuitable for life.

The excellent 2020 book “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Shellenberger documents the hypocrisy and lunacy in the progressive green energy and climate disaster movement and the disregard for third world peoples.  I’m looking forward to the new (September 2022) book by Henry Sanderson titled “Volt Rush.”  Early reviews suggest Sanderson explores these subjects and describes the consequences if these progressive dreams should be fulfilled.  “WALL-E world,” here we come.

Today, back here on earth, I’m not worried about progressive foolishness and malevolence bringing us to the environmental and economic dystopia of a “WALL-E world.”  God is in control.  Through Bible prophecy, God tells us how this world will end.  But He has withheld the exact timing from us.  We can’t know the “when,” but Jesus tells us to be alert and watch for the signs.  Evaluating the current circumstances and trends through the lens of Scripture, I believe that we are near the tipping point.  That’s when the Supply of Sin on the earth has grown great enough and the Demand for Salvation (through Jesus) falls low enough.  At an exact moment set by God the Father, Jesus will open the first scroll in heaven and the judgment of the Tribulation will fall upon the earth.

God’s judgment will include unimaginable environmental damage, combined with the consequences of wars, plagues, famine, natural disasters, demonic attacks and the evil totalitarian rule of the antichrist.  Everyone not already rescued through the Rapture will suffer during the Tribulation; most will die.  Be alert- it’s coming soon and it will continue for seven years, when Jesus returns to end it.  But the story has a happy ending for everyone who sides with God.

We don’t know when the tipping point will occur and we can’t just sit back and wait for it.  It could be years, months or weeks from now.  Until then, Christians need to resist evil and do good.  Pray for another great awakening and revival, so that many more will come to salvation.

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