Fear No Brownout!

Are you concerned about the faltering electric power grid?  Do announcements of planned and unplanned brownouts and blackouts terrify you?  Afraid of being trapped somewhere, powerless to reach your destination?  Are you worried and bewildered by the prospect of skyrocketing demand for electricity due to mandates allowing only electric vehicles?  We have the solution to your problem:  The 2022 Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 (available in gasoline, diesel and LPG models).  The Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 is made in the U.S.A.

It’s simple!  Just have a trailer hitch and a trailer-lights jack installed on your electric vehicle.  Connect the Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 to the hitch on your vehicle, plug in the trailer lights and drive to a convenient service station (25-gallon capacity for gas or diesel).  Voila!  Your portable power-charging station is ready to go wherever you may need it.  Just park your vehicle, connect the charging cable and turn on the Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 using the handy smartphone app.  When you return to your vehicle, turn it off using the app, disconnect the charging cable and head to your next destination.

Achtung! Don’t be fooled by other products!  The weight of portable solar power systems exceeds most vehicle towing restrictions and will quickly drain your EV car battery.  If deployed, the required surface area for the assembled solar panels is too great for urban and suburban usage, and requires several hours for set-up and for take-down.  Trailer-mounted wind turbines can produce electricity while the trailer is in motion, or if the wind blows while it is parked.  Unfortunately, portable wind systems are too heavy for most vehicles to tow.  The turbine height and width is problematic when driving near overhead objects like trees, overpasses, powerlines and stoplights and the trailer may tip over during strong winds.

Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 is available at selected dealers.  Users are responsible for compliance with the supplied product instructions.  The Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 should be used outdoors, in well-ventilated areas.  It uses fuel sources that are flammable and must be used with caution.  Follow applicable federal, state and local regulations for usage and storage of equipment and fuel supplies.  Manufacturer strongly recommends adding the optional trailer-braking system to the trailer and your vehicle.  Contact your auto and home insurance agent regarding appropriate levels of coverage.  The Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 is designed for use while parked.  Modifications to enable usage while driving may damage your vehicle or void its warranty.  Due to towing weight and wind resistance, towing the Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 may reduce the miles of driving range provided by your EV’s battery.

2 thoughts on “Fear No Brownout!

  1. The Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 is genius. Will it have a disconnect switch to prevent the government from turning off the vehicle or removing the stored energy in the batteries? The o’barris administration has offered a mandate that all vehicles produced after 2025 have a wireless kill switch. The Oregon legislature has discussed that the government have the ability to remove the stored energy in electric vehicles without the owners knowledge.

    Freedom and liberty is disappearing from the United States. The “green” agenda is based in control of people not the improvement of our environment.


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