New Video at YouTube:  “Saturday Night with the Stars (CCCP-TV)”

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new video at YouTube.  This video runs for nearly 15 minutes.  It highlights about twelve minutes from the audiobook edition of the novel “The Great New Deal,” adding illustrations by the author and excerpts of great music for dramatic effect.

To watch this new video, follow this link to YouTube:

In an instant, all of the world’s Christians have vanished without a trace (taken by Jesus to heaven).  This was the Rapture of the church, described in Bible prophecy.  Those left behind refer to it as the “Great Surprise.”  Many people are grieving for someone lost in the Great Surprise.  Other people see an opportunity to gain power and wealth.

In America, progressives have gained total control of government and the media.  They blame all problems on Covid, conservatives and Christians but can’t solve the many challenges facing America in this perilous period.  Crime is growing, the economy is collapsing, and foreign enemies and plagues threaten America.

A new television network (CCCP-TV) has risen from the wreckage of the old broadcast and cable networks, under the control of the new political regime.  Its most popular and top-rated show is “Saturday Night with the Stars,” a live news and variety show hosted by “C-C” and “Chill.”  This Saturday’s exciting episode doesn’t go exactly as scripted.

The complete audiobook (5 hours and 47 minutes) is available for purchase from Amazon, iTunes and Audible.

The “Great New Deal” is the second book in the “Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress” series, written by Mark C. Tredecim.  Both novels employ parody and humor to expose dark political and cultural forces that threaten America.  The novels connect the events of today to prophecy in the Bible.  Which side will you choose in this great spiritual war?  This future period may not be as soon as tomorrow, this week or even this month.  Then again, maybe it will be.

Both novels (“Twilight of the Church Age” and “The Great New Deal”) are available for purchase from Amazon in Kindle, paperback and Large Print hardcover editions.

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