Earth first!  We’ll mine the other planets later.

Just about the time that Tesla was getting started, Pixar (Disney) released an excellent animated movie called “WALL-E.”  It’s a movie for kids that adults can enjoy, too.  This was back in 2008, when you didn’t need to have your finger on the fast-forward button to protect the kids from unsuitable content in a DisneyContinue reading “Earth first!  We’ll mine the other planets later.”

Recommended reading- “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Schellenberger

Michael Schellenberger has written an excellent and important book, “Apocalypse Never” (2020).  It’s well-researched and clear (285 pages with 105 pages of reference notes).  It’s fact-based and well-intentioned. Environmental alarmists are pushing for massive expenditures (funded by taxpayers) and a major restructure of our energy sourcing.  These would increase the volatility of our economy andContinue reading “Recommended reading- “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Schellenberger”