Fear No Brownout!

Are you concerned about the faltering electric power grid?  Do announcements of planned and unplanned brownouts and blackouts terrify you?  Afraid of being trapped somewhere, powerless to reach your destination?  Are you worried and bewildered by the prospect of skyrocketing demand for electricity due to mandates allowing only electric vehicles?  We have the solution to your problem:  The 2022 Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 (available in gasoline, diesel and LPG models).  The Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 is made in the U.S.A.

It’s simple!  Just have a trailer hitch and a trailer-lights jack installed on your electric vehicle.  Connect the Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 to the hitch on your vehicle, plug in the trailer lights and drive to a convenient service station (25-gallon capacity for gas or diesel).  Voila!  Your portable power-charging station is ready to go wherever you may need it.  Just park your vehicle, connect the charging cable and turn on the Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 using the handy smartphone app.  When you return to your vehicle, turn it off using the app, disconnect the charging cable and head to your next destination.

Achtung! Don’t be fooled by other products!  The weight of portable solar power systems exceeds most vehicle towing restrictions and will quickly drain your EV car battery.  If deployed, the required surface area for the assembled solar panels is too great for urban and suburban usage, and requires several hours for set-up and for take-down.  Trailer-mounted wind turbines can produce electricity while the trailer is in motion, or if the wind blows while it is parked.  Unfortunately, portable wind systems are too heavy for most vehicles to tow.  The turbine height and width is problematic when driving near overhead objects like trees, overpasses, powerlines and stoplights and the trailer may tip over during strong winds.

Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 is available at selected dealers.  Users are responsible for compliance with the supplied product instructions.  The Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 should be used outdoors, in well-ventilated areas.  It uses fuel sources that are flammable and must be used with caution.  Follow applicable federal, state and local regulations for usage and storage of equipment and fuel supplies.  Manufacturer strongly recommends adding the optional trailer-braking system to the trailer and your vehicle.  Contact your auto and home insurance agent regarding appropriate levels of coverage.  The Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 is designed for use while parked.  Modifications to enable usage while driving may damage your vehicle or void its warranty.  Due to towing weight and wind resistance, towing the Power-Gridmeizter-XLP35 may reduce the miles of driving range provided by your EV’s battery.

Coming Soon:  The One Day War

In the Bible book of Ezekiel (chapters 38 and 39), the prophet describes an upcoming one-day war.  Iran, Turkey and Russia team up with some lesser nations to attack Israel.   God intervenes in this war, fully protecting Israel and bringing total destruction upon the powerful attacking forces.  The speed, nature and extent of Israel’s victory brings the parties to urgently pursue peace.  This seven-year peace treaty facilitates the rise of the Antichrist.

The modern nation of Israel has a great win-loss record in the several wars since it was established in 1948 (it is undefeated).  It is believed to have dozens of nuclear weapons and has a capable air force and air defense system.  Israel also has close ties with the U.S.

Considering all this, why would these countries launch such an attack upon Israel, especially since the Bible tells how badly it will turn out for them? Perhaps the current energy crisis in Europe, Russia’s expansionist moves, and the natural gas off the coast of Israel have something to do with this. Certainly, the evil in men’s hearts is a major factor.

The Bible also tells of the upcoming event (the Rapture) where all believers in Jesus Christ are instantly taken up to Heaven by Him, protecting them from the horrors of the seven-year Tribulation.  The Bible does not provide an explicit timeline for the sequencing of the Ezekiel 38 war and the Rapture.

My novels, Twilight of the Church Age and The Great New Deal, depict the Rapture as being before the Ezekiel 38 War, but some best-selling authors have put the Ezekiel 38 War before the Rapture in their books. In Twilight of the Church Age, a fictional study group called EZE38 explores the topic.

Why might this timing be important to you?  Though the Rapture and Ezekiel 38 War each take just one day (or less), they will have world-wide impact.  They will come suddenly; current world conditions and trends suggest that will be soon. Many people will die during these events; if they have not accepted Jesus as savior by then, they won’t get a second chance.  Others will be left behind to face the terrors of the Tribulation, where they have a limited-time opportunity to turn to Jesus as savior.

To read a short essay that explores the timing of these upcoming End Times events, follow this link.  God has already set this timing, and He will carry out His plan perfectly.

Hardcover editions in Larger Pint

Are you looking for something to enhance your bookcase backdrop for the next time you are interviewed on a major cable news show? Stand out from the crowd and give prominent shelf positions to the hardcover editions of the novels from the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series.

These combine the practicality of a durable hardcover and larger print fonts (16 point) for easy reading, with the striking cover art and the same great novels contained in the paperback and Kindle formats. All this is available at a very reasonable price. Perhaps you can take off your reading glasses as you enjoy the novels, chuckle at the political/social parody, and think about the Bible End Times prophecies dramatized in these novels.

Through the Eye of a Needle

A review of the book “Red-Handed” by Peter Schweizer

How much wealth is enough and what are you willing to do to get more of it?  At what point will greed or blackmail (actual or the fear of it) enslave you and put you on the path to hell?  In chapter 19 of the Gospel of John (vv. 23-24), Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

Investigative author Peter Schweizer says this about his 2022 best-selling expose’ Red-Handed, “This without doubt is the most troubling book I have written.”  Through eight chapters (237 pages), Schweizer details the slavish relationships between the totalitarian government of Red China and many rich and powerful American individuals, families and organizations.  He backs his writing with 81 pages of small-print reference notes.  He provides details of shady and foul dealings between Chinese government-controlled entities (frequently in the military and espionage realms) with these Americans.  He provides their names (including Barbour, Biden, Boehner, Bush, Dorsey, Feinstein, Gates, Kissinger, McConnell, Pelosi, Swalwell, Trudeau (Canada) and Zuckerberg.  He names entities in Big Tech, Wall Street, academia, sports and politics.  He also provides quotes from some of them, extolling the virtues of the totalitarian government of China (reminiscent of the historical comments from some in America and Europe regarding pre-WW2 fascist Germany).

The sub-title for this book is “How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.”

In their pursuit of power and money, these (so-called) “elites” compromise and endanger the people of America, Canada and China (indeed, the whole world).  From a broad perspective, these failures of trust are not surprising.  They explain much that seems so wrong in the world.  But the details and scope of the revelations in this book paint a dark picture- is it too late to reverse course?  Mr. Schweizer’s last chapter (11 pages) is titled “Fighting Back.”  He presents some good ideas and I hope that people of good faith and courage will push back against such evil.  He names a few prominent people who are doing that.

I doubt that many of the culprits identified by Schweizer will change their ways.  Remember those words of Jesus from John chapter 19.  But Jesus does provide them some hope in verses 25 and 26, “When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and asked, ‘Who then can be saved?’  Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  If any of these culprits truly will repent (admitting he/she is wrong and God is right) and turned to Jesus, salvation awaits.  But that would require confession and a stark change in behavior.  I suspect loss of wealth and prestige are unacceptable to most of them.  Others may fear China’s wrath and blackmail.  The human sin nature is strong and cannot be overcome by man alone; it requires acceptance of God’s grace and help.  Some of these folks may claim to be Christians, but their foul fruit suggests otherwise.  They are more likely “professing Christians” who face the prospect of personally hearing these words from Jesus, “Go away, I never knew you.”

Has this level of betrayal already brought us to a tipping point?  Has the “supply of sin” grown too great and has the “demand for salvation” fallen too low?  Can we step away from the abyss?  Bible prophecy tells about God’s plan for eradication of sin and restoration of creation.  When that “supply and demand” relationship meets God’s criteria (He already knows that moment, as He is not limited by time), these End Times events will come:  The rapture (removal) of all Christians to heaven.  The Tribulation (seven years of global war, plague, famine, natural disasters, demonic attacks and more, in which most humans will die).  The second coming of Jesus to end the Tribulation and defeat the massive evil forces of the Antichrist at Armageddon.  The Millennial Kingdom ruled by Jesus.  The final judgments.  The new earth and heaven, free of all sin.

In these End Times prophecies, there is no mention of a super power that could be inferred to be America.  There is scant reference to anything like China.  Both will be decimated by the events of the Tribulation and by the removal of their Christian citizens in the rapture.  Perhaps that is the full explanation.  But it’s possible also that one or both nations will already have fallen, thanks to the decay within its leadership and/or a conflict resulting from their foolish actions.  I hope America will take heed of the warnings and advice provided by Mr. Schweizer in Red-Handed, but I seriously doubt that will be sufficient.  The Bible prophecies will be fulfilled and salvation will come only at the personal level, not for nations as a whole (other than the revival of Israel through the Millennial Kingdom).  Remember John 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

I encourage you to buy, beg or borrow a copy of Red-Handed.  Read it and consider what it says.

Mark C. Tredecim (note, in the chart below, I would place us in the early days of “Box 1”)

New: Hardcover LP Edition

I am pleased to announce that the hardcover edition of “Twilight of the Church Age” has been published. It features 16-point font printing for readers who prefer/need a larger font. We bumped the size from 6×9 (paperback format) to a very manageable 7×10 inch size and kept it at 279 pages (just like the paperback).

As with the paperback, the hardcover pricing was kept as low as possible to facilitate book purchases during this period of ersatz-economic policy.

Also, I am excited to announce that production is commencing of the audiobook edition of “Twilight of the Church Age.” Target date for release is late September. When the audiobook is available, we’ll share the news through this blog and the author’s website http://www.markctredecim.com.

Both of these new formats contain the same dramatic story and presentation of Bible prophecy that are found in the paperback and Kindle editions published in July 2022. Current political and social developments are exposed and scrutinized through parody. All formats of the book (and “The Great New Deal,” its sequel in the “Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress” series) are available through Amazon.

Book Review: Jesus and the End Times, by Ron Rhodes

Jesus and the End Times (“What He Said and What the Future Holds”) by Dr. Ron Rhodes.

I’ve read a lot of Bible prophecy texts and heard a lot of good preaching on the subject. This 2019 book by Dr. Ron Rhodes is a great one-volume distillation of these. It’s easy to follow, clear and he uses a friendly writing style. Provides scriptural references and citations for other books to back up his views. Yes, you might have read it before elsewhere, including some of his other books. But it’s great to have it in one volume, in clear English: Jesus is God, He took on human form and died for sinners, and then rose from the grave. He came here once and will be coming again soon: First to collect His believers and then seven years later to destroy the forces of the Antichrist and end the Tribulation (and commence the Millennial Kingdom).

I recommend it (5 stars): I bought one for myself and another copy for our church lending library.

Improved Formatting for Kindle Editions

Both “Twilight of the Church Age” and “The Great New Deal” are available in various formats, including the Kindle ebook format. Recently, the Kindle versions of both novels were reformatted for the benefit of Kindle readers. First, some page breaks were cleaned up to minimize the amound of “blank space” in the Kindle versions. As a result, the Kindle versions now have slightly fewer pages than the comparable printed versions (but no content was removed). Also, a table of contents was added to the beginning of both Kindle versions to make it easier for Kindle readers to jump to a particular chapter in the book.

I hope that Kindle readers find these small changes to be beneficial. I appreciate the suggestion from Earl (an author friend) that led to this improvement in formatting.

Twilight of the Church Age (new novel published by Mark Tredecim )

Book one in the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Series (and prequel to The Great New Deal)

Two thousand years ago, the Church Age began at Pentecost, following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  As we observe the events of today and notice the growing similarities to the End Times described in Bible prophecy, we can see the Church Age is growing dim.  The new novel Twilight of the Church Age dramatizes these times and events.

The new novel is now available for purchase at Amazon.com, in paperback (ASIN B0B72TVPP2) and Kindle (ASIN B0B7F8ZT22) editions.

In the last several months of the Church Age, a team of pastors works to create “Lifeline for the Lost Sheep,” a resource to assist the people who will be left behind after the Rapture.  At the same time, political elites move to grab more power and wealth.  For most folks, it is business as usual.  None of these people realize that the End Times events are closer than they think.

Twilight of the Church Age introduces everyday people across America, who just want to love and support their families, friends and communities.  But these are not ordinary times, they must also battle criminals, thwart human traffickers and survive a faltering economy.  Government grows more intrusive and oppressive.

“In the twinkling of an eye,” Jesus will call all believers on the earth to join Him in the sky. They will witness the Tribulation from the safety of heaven. In the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series, this event is referred to as the “Great Surprise,” but Bible scholars and teachers use the term “Rapture.” Some characters from the novel are called to heaven at the end of Twilight of the Church Age. But others are left behind on earth; is there any hope for them? 

The novel blends a dramatic story line, humorous parody and sound Bible teaching with the objectives of entertaining and educating readers and to encourage them to trust in Jesus for these perilous times.

Twilight of the Church Age has 14 chapters and is 279 pages (just over 56,000 words). It’s the prequel to the novel The Great New Deal and describes the events that came before the Great Surprise. Follow the characters and storyline from one novel to the other. These are the first two books of the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series (perhaps there will be a sequel to The Great New Deal, but that’s a mystery for later).

Book Review:  Church of Cowards (by Matt Walsh, 2020)

Book Review:  Church of Cowards (by Matt Walsh, 2020)

Matt Walsh is an outspoken defender of the Christian faith and traditional values.  His 2020 book “Church of Cowards” looks at many of problems inside Western Christianity (using the word “Christian” in the very broadest way).  His focus is especially on U.S. Christians, but the same criticism would apply to Europe and Canada (except they’re ahead of the U.S. in this decline).  He contrasts the poor spiritual health of the church in these wealthy nations with the faith demonstrated by Christians who live in repressive cultures and countries (where Christians are persecuted and martyred).

I missed this book when it came out in 2020.  Fortunately, I heard of it in 2022 and found it very worthwhile reading.  If you care about the Christian church (or want to assess your own faith), I encourage you to read “Church of Cowards.”

Mr. Walsh looks at various aspects of the problem, providing good examples and citing relevant scripture.  I think his analysis and conclusions are sound.  Though a majority of Americans self-identify as “Christians,” a large and growing number of these don’t really understand the key elements of the faith, don’t read the Bible (and disagree with many things in it), and don’t attend church (or attend one that’s strayed far from the straight and narrow path).  Such “Christians” are sometimes called “professing” Christians, to contrast them from those whose faith is real.   Matt doesn’t point to one denomination and say “this one has it right,” but he describes several church-types and behaviors that have gone far down the wrong road.

Here’s an analogy for professing “Christians” (my analogy, not Matt’s):  Fraternal organizations do a lot of good things and provide opportunities for like-minded people to enjoy each other’s company.  But a guy who says “I’m an Elk” is not actually a 1,000 lb. herbivore with antlers, even though he is a card-carrying, dues-paid member of the group.  Likewise, there are many nice people who call themselves “Christians,” but their lives don’t provide evidence to support that claim (viewed through the lens of the Bible).

The last book in the Bible (Revelation) devotes its first three chapters to describing seven church types.  Almost all of these churches were off-track, worldly, apostate or lukewarm.  Jesus tells them to get back on track or face His judgment.  A couple churches received some commendations.  The Western church described in “Church of Cowards” embodies so many of the failings of the churches described in Revelation 1-3.  

“The events in Revelation may be closer than they seem in your mental mirror.”  (I think I’m quoting myself there.)  The remainder of Revelation describes how God will change the situation and deal with sin for eternity.  He will use the crucible of the Tribulation to refine professing Christians and to attract other non-believers.  This will be “God’s Final Call.”  A great many of these people will see the light (and repent, becoming saints of the Tribulation), but most will be continue to reject Jesus Christ.  Revelation 21:8 says (emphasis added), “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

The decline of the church in recent decades (described in Walsh’s book) and the simultaneous growth in violence, greed, narcissism, deceit, immorality and everything else evil are among the reasons that I think our world is at (or very near to) the tipping point.  The point where the world will move from Revelation chapters 1-3 to chapters 4-22.  The point where all genuine Christians and the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn from the Earth in the Rapture and the crucible of the Tribulation will follow.

I dramatize these Biblical end times prophecies in my own novels.  The 2022 novel “Twilight of the Church Age” (currently available through Kindle Vella) depicts characters and events during the “Church Age” and ends with the Rapture.  The 2021 novel “The Great New Deal” is its sequel.  This novel is set during the post-Rapture period of Revelation chapters 4 and 5.  In the period following these novels, Jesus unleashes the judgments of the Tribulation (starting in Revelation 6).  My books are intended to entertain, educate and share the Good News of Jesus.  Their relative timing is depicted by this chart.

“Church of Cowards” does a fine job of describing the current situation within Western “Christianity.”  It’s a call to action for individuals and churches, to get right with God.  I hope many will heed this call, but I fear it’s too late, the tipping point is too close and the crucible of Tribulation lies ahead.  Which side will you choose in this great spiritual war?

Mark C. Tredecim

Book Review:  The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress

“The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress” is a great Christian allegory, in the tradition of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Pilgrim’s Progress.

This is a very entertaining and worthwhile read.  It has a meaningful message that is delivered through a dramatic story, sparkling with mirth.  The title correctly suggests that it’s related to the most-loved and most-read book in Christianity (besides the Bible), “(The) Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan.  “The Postmodern Pilgrim’s Progress” does walk down the same path, but it is not a cut-and-paste word substitution from the original book.  It is a new book inspired by the classic.  It stands on its own while honoring the Bunyan masterpiece.  The authors (Kyle Mann and Joel Berry) are the creative minds behind “The Babylon Bee” so don’t be surprised by the vivid and humorous delivery of some very serious points.

The fictional protagonists deal with the problems faced by Christian pilgrims in our era.  In the 350+ years since Bunyan, there have been many scientific and social developments.  These often distract the pilgrims of today.  But the underlying question is still the same:  how can a mere human (burdened by a sin nature and surrounded by temptations and tempters) find his way to the supreme and loving God (and to the rewards that God has promised)?

Read the tale of a modern young man who is appointed unexpectedly to take this journey.  He meets some friends and helpers and even more foes and dangers.  It starts well and builds to a strong conclusion.  The book includes many well-chosen quotations from our time and features a narrator whose humorous perspectives have a style somewhat like that of C.S. Lewis in “The Screwtape Letters.”  Enjoy the book, but pause periodically to think about what you’ve just read.

I recommend that you buy and read this book.  Share it with a friend.  Then read the work by John Bunyan (the 2014 Aneko Press edition is reader-friendly and also includes the story of Christian’s wife Christiana).  If you read both books, you will see how they complement each other.  Reading one of them will help you appreciate the other book even more.