New: Hardcover LP Edition

I am pleased to announce that the hardcover edition of “Twilight of the Church Age” has been published. It features 16-point font printing for readers who prefer/need a larger font. We bumped the size from 6×9 (paperback format) to a very manageable 7×10 inch size and kept it at 279 pages (just like the paperback).

As with the paperback, the hardcover pricing was kept as low as possible to facilitate book purchases during this period of ersatz-economic policy.

Also, I am excited to announce that production is commencing of the audiobook edition of “Twilight of the Church Age.” Target date for release is late September. When the audiobook is available, we’ll share the news through this blog and the author’s website

Both of these new formats contain the same dramatic story and presentation of Bible prophecy that are found in the paperback and Kindle editions published in July 2022. Current political and social developments are exposed and scrutinized through parody. All formats of the book (and “The Great New Deal,” its sequel in the “Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress” series) are available through Amazon.

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