Book Review: Jesus and the End Times, by Ron Rhodes

Jesus and the End Times (“What He Said and What the Future Holds”) by Dr. Ron Rhodes.

I’ve read a lot of Bible prophecy texts and heard a lot of good preaching on the subject. This 2019 book by Dr. Ron Rhodes is a great one-volume distillation of these. It’s easy to follow, clear and he uses a friendly writing style. Provides scriptural references and citations for other books to back up his views. Yes, you might have read it before elsewhere, including some of his other books. But it’s great to have it in one volume, in clear English: Jesus is God, He took on human form and died for sinners, and then rose from the grave. He came here once and will be coming again soon: First to collect His believers and then seven years later to destroy the forces of the Antichrist and end the Tribulation (and commence the Millennial Kingdom).

I recommend it (5 stars): I bought one for myself and another copy for our church lending library.

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