Twilight of the Church Age (new novel published by Mark Tredecim )

Book one in the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress Series (and prequel to The Great New Deal)

Two thousand years ago, the Church Age began at Pentecost, following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  As we observe the events of today and notice the growing similarities to the End Times described in Bible prophecy, we can see the Church Age is growing dim.  The new novel Twilight of the Church Age dramatizes these times and events.

The new novel is now available for purchase at, in paperback (ASIN B0B72TVPP2) and Kindle (ASIN B0B7F8ZT22) editions.

In the last several months of the Church Age, a team of pastors works to create “Lifeline for the Lost Sheep,” a resource to assist the people who will be left behind after the Rapture.  At the same time, political elites move to grab more power and wealth.  For most folks, it is business as usual.  None of these people realize that the End Times events are closer than they think.

Twilight of the Church Age introduces everyday people across America, who just want to love and support their families, friends and communities.  But these are not ordinary times, they must also battle criminals, thwart human traffickers and survive a faltering economy.  Government grows more intrusive and oppressive.

“In the twinkling of an eye,” Jesus will call all believers on the earth to join Him in the sky. They will witness the Tribulation from the safety of heaven. In the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series, this event is referred to as the “Great Surprise,” but Bible scholars and teachers use the term “Rapture.” Some characters from the novel are called to heaven at the end of Twilight of the Church Age. But others are left behind on earth; is there any hope for them? 

The novel blends a dramatic story line, humorous parody and sound Bible teaching with the objectives of entertaining and educating readers and to encourage them to trust in Jesus for these perilous times.

Twilight of the Church Age has 14 chapters and is 279 pages (just over 56,000 words). It’s the prequel to the novel The Great New Deal and describes the events that came before the Great Surprise. Follow the characters and storyline from one novel to the other. These are the first two books of the Tribulation Pilgrims’ Progress series (perhaps there will be a sequel to The Great New Deal, but that’s a mystery for later).

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