Sonic Boom (an entertaining new video drawn from The Great New Deal)

Sonic Boom (Life imitates Art and Parody becomes Reality)

This new video (available at YouTube, see the link below) presents scenes from the audiobook edition of the novel The Great New Deal.  Images have been added for dramatic effect in this 8-minute video.

This portion of the novel was written in 2020 as parody and fiction.  However, it may seem like something you have seen during recent television news broadcasts- a bewildered president is manipulated by someone behind the scenes and led around by handlers.  A compliant news media provides cover and the newly formed government “fact check” bureaucracy joins in the effort.

Earlier chapters of the novel describe the disappearance of millions of Americans in the twinkling of an eye.  A special federal commission identified the factors that produced this catastrophe, which was compounded by the social unrest and economic disruption that followed.  A recovery plan was developed by the President, Vice President and Congressional leadership, which the President named “Operation Sonic Boom.”  This video presents the first live presidential press conference after these events.

The video includes an “Easter Egg” tribute to the departed comedic genius, Peter Sellers, with nods to an early Sellers movie (“The Mouse that Roared”) and to one of his last (“Being There”).

The complete Audiobook (5 hours and 47 minutes) is available for purchase from Amazon and Audible.  The Great New Deal is also available for purchase from Amazon in Kindle and printed 259-page editions.

The novel provides a (not quite) fictional preview of future history.  This future period may not be as soon as tomorrow, this week or even this month.  Then again, maybe it will be.  The novel employs parody and humor to expose dark political and cultural forces that threaten America.  It connects the events of today to prophecy in the Bible.  Which side will you choose in this great spiritual war?

For more information about the book and audiobook, visit the author’s website To view the video production of Sonic Boom at YouTube, follow the link below.

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