Supply and Demand (Inflation and Revelation)

Introduction:  You likely have heard about “supply and demand.”  I’ve written a short essay that explores how this term applies to both economic matters (including the impact of inflation) and to something even more important- your eternal destiny.  To read the full essay, follow this link: Supply and Demand Essay

The six-page essay explains two Supply and Demand Charts.

To preview the charts, follow this link:  Supply and Demand Charts

Economic:  Economists often refer to the “law of supply and demand” to describe normal human behavior in the buying and selling of goods and services (in free societies).  This behavior is often visually presented in Supply and Demand charts.  Simply put, buyers seek to spend wisely and pay less when they can, while sellers want to price their goods or services to make a profit.  The economist charts show how these behaviors function and how a mutually beneficial balance can occur.

This balancing of supply and demand is one of the ways that our economy balances production and consumption and sets pricing for goods and services.  But it is fragile and can be disrupted by cataclysmic outside forces (e.g., wars, plagues, natural disasters, and bad government policies).

Bad government policies (particularly those pushed by the Biden administration and by “progressive” state and local politicians) are at the root of the current inflation plague.  These have acted to decrease product supplies, increase costs for suppliers, and artificially increase product demand.  The inflation rate is skyrocketing, especially on the everyday items needed by Americans.

As their costs increase and supply-chain problems occur, sellers want higher prices.  Consumers temporarily have more money, so they want to buy more.  But they find product shortages and become anxious.   Eventually a new balance of Supply and Demand occurs- at a higher price and potentially with fewer units sold than before.  That’s inflation.

A big government spending spree is growing the federal budget deficit by trillions of dollars.  It is “funded” mostly through a combination of (1) increased government debt (as the debt ceiling is raised) and (2) excessive “printing” of money by the Federal Reserve.  Massive deficit spending feeds inflation and some day the bill will need to be paid (but progressives hope to push their socialist agenda through before Americans can see the looming danger and stop them).

My 2021 novel “The Great New Deal” is named after fictional future legislation to address a national existential crisis:  decades of deficit spending and “kicking the (debt) can down the road” have pushed the U.S. economy to a tipping point, where America risks a devalued dollar and hyperinflation like 1920s Germany, Zimbabwe (since 2007) and Venezuela (since 2014).  Will this fictional tale soon become reality before our eyes?

Eternal Destiny:  “The Great New Deal” presents another Supply and Demand chart.  It has nothing to do with economics, but is a graphical presentation of God’s End Times plan to rescue people from sin and eternal punishment.  Characters in the novel use the chart as a resource to understand the times they are living in and to share this information with others.

This second chart demonstrates the interaction between the “Supply of Sin” (the level of sin evidenced in humanity) and the “Demand for Salvation” (the level of people who are becoming new believers in Jesus Christ) for the time period beginning around 1960.  These are troubling times.  This chart presents the current trends for this Supply and Demand, leading up to the next End Times events described in the Bible: the Rapture, Tribulation and Christ’s second coming.  

The chart visually answers the question, “What is God waiting for?  Why is He holding back on the promised “Day of the Lord?”  It also shows how the severity of the Tribulation judgments accelerates during the seven-year Tribulation, to catch the attention of those who will choose Jesus and punish those who reject him.

Though God will ultimately judge and punish all sin, He has provided the one merciful path to avoid such punishment and gain eternal life.  Jesus Christ has taken on the punishment that is rightfully yours and freed you from death’s sting, but only if you accept His gift.  Do not hesitate, no sins are too great for God’s mercy, when they are covered by the blood of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  This is the best Christmas gift you will ever receive!

Merry Christmas from Mark Tredecim                                         

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