Take a Look at the Lands Down Under

The Past, Present and Future of Australia and New Zealand

The Past:  In some ways, the histories of Australia and New Zealand mirror the history of America.  They were first colonized primarily by the United Kingdom (including exiled prisoners and indentured workers).  All three countries are currently democracies.  They stood up against the fascist socialism of Germany and the imperial regime of Japan, suffering great losses in WW2.  They had their dark chapters (the past mistreatment of the aboriginal and Māori/Islander populations and slavery in the United States). 

The Present:  Though Americans often lump them together, Australia and New Zealand are actually separated by more than 1,000 miles of ocean.  The climate of Australia is generally similar to California and Mexico while New Zealand resembles the Pacific Northwest and Northern California.  Their combined population is just 25 million people (sheep outnumber humans 6-to-1) and their combined land area is approximately equal to the continental U.S.

Australia and New Zealand feature beautiful scenery, geologic wonders, and exotic wildlife (scenery from the Great Ocean Road in southeast Australia provides a backdrop for this website’s home page).  Their people are heavily concentrated in the urban areas along the coasts.  Prior to the pandemic, these were great places for tourists to visit (friendly to Americans), but I wouldn’t recommend traveling there now as their governments’ response to the pandemic has been overbearing (an Australian friend recently said “the people in charge have gone bonkers”).

All three nations are in the crosshairs of Islamic terrorism and the Communist regime of Red China.

The Future:  They have something else in common- nothing in the Bible suggests any important role or special privileges for Australia, New Zealand or America during the impending End Times events (the final chapters in the war between good and evil).  Instead, the Bible prophecies focus on the Holy Land and adjoining territories in Africa, Asia and Europe.

This suggests that Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. will be removed from prominence before the Tribulation begins or during its early days.  The judgments described in Revelation will apply globally but some areas may be particularly impacted by the upcoming plagues, wars, famine, environmental disasters, geologic disasters, and strikes by astronomical bodies described in Bible prophecy.  For example, Revelation 6:14 talks about a great earthquake (early in the Tribulation) where “every mountain and island will be removed from its place.”  Ten chapters later, the Bible describes an earthquake that’s even greater.  The death and destruction during the Tribulation will be horrific.

The evil government and false religion led by the Antichrist and False Prophet will encompass the whole world- distance won’t protect the Aussies, Kiwis or Yanks from Satan’s minions.  Only God can protect you.

But wait, there is still hope!  In an instant, Jesus Christ will collect all Christians through the Rapture.  He will take them to the safety of Heaven prior to the horrors of the Tribulation. 

Further, during the Tribulation, God will send evangelists and messengers throughout the whole world delivering the Gospel message.  The people left behind into the Tribulation will have the opportunity to accept Jesus as savior, but the window of opportunity will be brief.  (Sadly, many people will reject this final invitation and seal their eternal fate- the Lake of Fire).

Folks in Australia and New Zealand who wish to learn more about these upcoming End Times events should consider reading my novel The Great New Deal.  The Kindle version is available for purchase at Amazon.com.au, but Amazon currently does not ship the paperback version “Down Under.”

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