Life Imitates Art

In August 2020, I wrote this review of the (excellent) book “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite” by Peter Schweitzer: “This book is very timely. It shines a light on the many bad deeds and few scruples of prominent “progressive” political figures. And it is well-researched with lots of documentary citations. If nothing else, read the two first chapters, which deal with Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. After reading that, I wouldn’t trust either with my wallet or car keys, much less the keys to the U.S. treasury and nuclear codes.”

Unfortunately, the ethically-challenged (and underqualified) duo were elected and we are now suffering the consequences of that election. To make matters worse, many of the other scurrilous characters covered by “Profiles in Corruption” hold powerful positions in the Biden cabinet or Congress. When you plant bad seeds, the tree will produce bad fruit; that’s what we are now finding in the American diet.

Not long after reading “Profiles in Corruption,” I was inspired to write the novella “Brave New Year,” describing life in an America under the unchecked rule of a progressive elite. That novella morphed into my novel “The Great New Deal,” published in early 2021. It has been eerie to see how many of the fictional events and themes in my book are coming true through the actions of those currently in power.

Perhaps Americans will see this and address it through future elections, but the “Big Axis” powers (big government, big tech, big media and big business/finance) will vigorously resist that. All of this seems to be further evidence for another theme of “The Great New Deal,” the Day of the Lord is coming soon (the End Times events recorded in the Bible). Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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