Tredecim’s Thoughts

Yes, it’s just a blog, but I aim for it to be a “blog of a different color. ” It’s not going to be the “Daily Narcissist News” (I won’t be posting very often and it’s not going to be all about me). I hope to focus primarily on good books that I’ve recently read (and worthwhile videos I’ve seen).

In Mark 13:32-33, Jesus tells us to be alert and on guard. Only God the Father knows the time when He will send Jesus to collect the living (and dead) Christians in the End Times event called the Rapture. But we are expected to be alert for the signs that it’s imminent. Such signs seem to be growing in quantity and strength. As I notice something that seems significant in this context, I hope to report it in this blog. (However, if the Rapture occurs prior to my passing from this mortal life, I expect to stop blogging!)

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