The Ezekiel 38 War

In Chapter 9 (EZE38, the Professor and Carrie Ann) of the novel “Twilight of the Church Age,” we meet the EZE38 group. They are a low-profile group of pastors and academics who study the war that is prophesized in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel (chapters 38-39).  Russia, Iran, Turkey and some co-conspirators launch a massive war against Israel.  But the invaders are destroyed in a single day.  I recommend you read those chapters in Ezekiel to see the supernatural weapons used against them. The Bible prophecy provides the who, where and what’s of this war, but it does not say when it will be.  In chapter 9, various theories are discussed.  The EZE38 members fall primarily in two camps on this “when” question, but a third view is raised during the meeting in chapter 9.

The novels “Twilight of the Church Age” and “The Great New Deal” reflect the Scenario 3 timeline. The author leans toward Scenario being the most likely sequencing, but he recognizes this timing is still one of the Bible’s mysteries and acknowledges that Scenarios 1 and 2 are very credible views.

Charts depicting the “when” options favored by the EZE38 members are presented below. Keep in mind these charts are intended to present the sequencing of events, but are not drawn to scale. Some events on the charts will take one day or less, while others represent seven or 1,000 years. The length of the Interlude period is not stated in the Bible, but is likely a matter of days or weeks, not years.