Video dramatizes the Prologue of “The Great New Deal”

This week I have published a new video called “Prologue to The Great New Deal,” using the audiobook version of the Prologue and Foreword from The Great New Deal and adding dramatic images.  I hope that you will enjoy it and that it will lead you to read or re-read the printed and audiobook editions of the novel.  A convenient link to the video is provided below.  It’s on the “Mark Tredecim channel” at YouTube (I invite you to subscribe to this channel).

Authors use prologues to set the stage for a book.  The prologue to my novel looks back to the dark days of 1939, when the whole world was staggering under the Great Depression.  Japan’s brutal war in China was continuing.  The fascist nations of Germany and Italy and the Communist Soviet Union were oppressing their populations, absorbing their neighbors and threatening to bring war to Europe, Asia and North Africa.

A new American movie, “The Wizard of Oz” provided moments of joy and inspiration during those dark days of 1939.  The Prologue honors this great movie and its colorful characters.  Then it leaps forward 80-some years to another era of struggle, conflict and danger (the period in which the novel unfolds).  In this era, Progressives have gained total control of government and the media.  They blame all problems on Covid, conservatives and Christians but can’t solve the many challenges facing America after multiple catastrophic events.  Crime is rampant, the economy is collapsing, and foreign enemies and plagues threaten America.  Government overreach and tyranny are growing.  But God is still in charge and ordinary Americans are learning the truth: the great battle called the Day of the Lord has begun.  Have faith not fear, God’s still in charge!

The novel provides a (not quite) fictional preview of future history.  This future period may not be as soon as tomorrow, this week or even this month.  Then again, maybe it will be.  The novel employs parody and humor to expose dark political and cultural forces that threaten America.  It connects the events of today to prophecy in the Bible.  Which side will you choose in this great spiritual war?

Convenient link to the video “Prologue to the Great New Deal.”

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